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Indonesian Cinnamon and Spices Speacialist

Established in year 2005 TRISTAR CAHAYA MANUNGGAL is one of Indonesian spices and herb leading company in value added processing of various spices and herbs.

With the Motto of Indonesian Cinnamon and Spices Specialist , the company over the years, grown significantly , Our factory certified by the Ulama Council of Indonesia (Halal), Kosher by Star K Kosher and HACCP by Isoqar.

Our Mission is to be the best exported company providing complete satisfaction to our customer with an integradted product sourcing from the origin, technical expertise services and processing of the high quality product, and we have been able to come up with innovative product which are highly competitive and whose quality matches those of international standard.

Our Customer spread across from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and U.S. we commited to international standard be it in quality or the efficiency of our service.

Our High Competitive Product from the Origin of Indonesia as a Spice Island :

  1. Cinnamon / Cassia : Clean Raw Material, Broken and Clean (BRC), Tea Bag Cut(TBC), Ground (US# 40, US#50, US#60, US#80), Stick / Cut A single or AA Double, Most Origin from West Sumatera – Indonesia
  2. Black Pepper / White Pepper : Clean Raw Material, Whole : ASTA/ DW, FAQ. PINHEAD, Cracked (US#10/12 US#10/16), Coarse (US#10/20,US#16/24, US#20/30) and Ground (US#30, US#50) Most Origin From : Lampung (Lampong Black Pepper) and Bangka / Muntok (Muntok White Pepper) Kalimantan / Borneo and Or Sulawesi / Celebes
  3. Nutmeg and Mace (Siau / Papua) : Clean Raw Material, Whole, Broken – Recondition, Ground (US#24, US#30) Most Origin From : Sout Indonesia North Sulawesi (Manado), Siau Island, Tahuma Island, Moluccas Island, Ambon, Ternate, Halmahera, Makawe Island , Papua Island, Fax-Fax.
  4. Clove : Clean Raw Material, Whole (hand Picked, 1st Grade, Reguler, 2nd Grade), Chips / Granule, Ground (US#40) Most Origin from : Sumatera Island (Aceh, Mentawai, Padang, Lampung), East Indonesia Sulawesi, Mollucas Island, Etc.
  5. Others : Turmeric, Ginger, Galangal ,Lesser Galangal, Kaffirlime Leaves, Lemongrass, Long Pepper, Cardamom, Tamarind, Chilli, Cubeba Pepper, Bay Leaves.

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